• Beautiful Results

    Final results matter. This is a fine example of a challenge we accepted. The difficulties here [...]
  • Utility Layout

    Utility layouts following updated local codes done well. This project was interesting [...]
  • Complex Grading

    Complex grading isn’t an issue for Osuna Engineering. This particular project was a challenge [...]
  • Unique projects

      Unique projects are no problem for Osuna Engineering. This was a challenging project [...]

OSUNA Engineering, Inc. is a consulting firm providing Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Services.

We have over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial development projects of various sizes in the United States and 6+ years of experience in projects abroad.

We are fortunate to have passionate employees that are focused on providing great customer service to our clients.  They really go above and beyond for our clients and work hard to ensure the successful completion of projects.


The pictures above show some of the more interesting projects we have worked on. Click on each link to find out more.